How Phu My Hung's best-selling development gears towards its 'little residents'

Phu My Hung's best-selling Saigon South Residences is designed to provide a safe environment for children to learn and grow.

More facilities and services than any other Phu My Hung development

Saigon South Residences is Phu My Hung's best-selling project to date, featuring 69 facilities and services which meet the diverse needs of its residents, with many facilities never before seen at any other Phu My Hung development.

Space for children

Angelia Lee Peng Peng, Director of Artsy Expressions (Malaysia) – the company responsible for the interior design at Saigon South Residences - said that since the project targets young families, the building and facilities are brightly colored with lively layouts and made from environmentally friendly materials. Children's area is more unique in terms of facilities, features and colors to help children's aesthetic and physical development while nurturing their creativity.

Green fence

All the outdoor facilities are surrounded by a 3-meter green fence to ensure absolute security for all little residents.

Outdoor playground

The playground has a lot of greenery. Trees and grass create a cool environment and bring children closer to nature.

Sports ground

A multi-purpose sports ground offers plenty of space for sports games such as basketball and football.


The sports ground offers stands for parents to watch over and cheer for their children. Concrete benches are surrounded by grass, creating a harmonious environment. It brings together family members and neighbors.

Water park

The 1,700-square-meter complex consists of a swimming pool, relaxation pool, children's pool and a water park. All of them are designed to create a multi-functional space for all family members to have fun and relax.

Natural space

There are many walkways, lawns, green gardens where the little residents may roam and play in fresh air with friends, discover plants and nature and enjoy other group activities. There is also a sculpture garden where children can enjoy the art and read books. Regular exposure to the sculptures will also help form the aesthetic foundation for the kids.

Indoor playground

The children activity room helps the kids maintain their fitness and nurture creativity, so that they can learn and play at the same time instead of gluing themselves to the computer all day.

Banquet room

This is the first time Phu My Hung has integrated a banquet room into its apartment building, helping families organize their birthdays and meetings without having to go out.

Playroom inside the Banquet room

In addition to the space for families to celebrate birthdays, meetings and anniversaries, the room also has a separate space reserved for children, where they can read books and have fun while the adults mingle outside.


The children's classroom provides a spacious and cool space. Here, families may organize group learning sessions or use the area for private tutoring. This reduces parents' need to pick up their children from public places outside the apartment complex.

There's a children's library right on the ground floor of Block G, next to the lobby. Block G is the only stand-alone apartment building at Saigon South Residences which will be launched on March 25.

By VnExpress