Enjoy ​resort experience at Phu My Hung's flagship development

The most l​uxurious building at Saigon South Residences will go on sale in less than two weeks from now.

Block G is the sole stand-alone block at Saigon South Residences, located in an independent green space with many new facilities that have never been seen before at Phu My Hung’s luxury projects.

The block offers open spaces on all sides with park views, and the west wing looks over the entire space featuring 69 facilities and services at Saigon South Residences. The zone was designed by Malaysia-based landscape designer Primeclass Landscaping.

This project features more facilities and services than any other Phu My Hung development. Among the 69 facilities and services at Saigon South Residences are a multi-purpose sports complex, sculpture garden, outdoor area for interactive sports, water sports area, a 1,700-square-meter swimming pool, meditation gardens and a kindergarten.

Block G stands out for its secluded location.

The ground floor apartments all face out onto gardens.

In front of block G is a 300-meter walkway for residents who want to relax and enjoy fresh air.

All the outdoor facilities are surrounded by a 3-meter green fence which ensures absolute security for all residents.

Creating a resort-like experience at home was the inspiration behind the design, so that residents may find a relaxing space right at home without having to travel on the weekend.

Covering 3.2 hectares at Saigon South Residences, everything fully integrates into a compact city. It is the reflection of a resort model together with sports training packages at fitness center that are popular at the moment.

"The investment in the 69 facilities and services was based on our perennial research on the needs of apartment residents, and through our experience in developing hundreds of housing projects for over two decades. Accordingly, the choice and amount of facilities has been deliberately calculated, based on overall background, age, usage, culture, climate and especially an appropriate management fee so that families feel comfortable for long-term stays."

Phu My Hung's representative

Artsy Expressions from Malaysia – the company responsible for the interior design at Saigon South Residences – has attended to every single detail, from the reception hall and the elevator lobby to interior furnishings. The materials selected for the interior are elegantly colored and create a sense of luxury. Children's areas are brightly colored with lively layouts to attract younger residents.

Each floor will have only 10 apartments to ensure a comfortable living space and privacy for each family. Two-bedroom apartments will make up 60 percent of the building. All of the apartments will have two open sides, with some located in the corners offering three open sides with views of green spaces. Some apartments will also have views of the river and the whole Phu My Hung City Center.

For the first time, Phu My Hung will open a library in block G to give residents a quiet place to read. Children's classroom will also be integrated into the area, giving a spacious and safe space for the children to study, possibly with a tutor or in a group. It will also provide parents with an option that helps reduce the need to pick up their children from public places outside the complex.

A representative of the investor said that block G is attracting the most attention from the foreign community thanks to its central location in the complex, the privacy it offers and the luxurious design of the facilities in the building.

“It is expected that the residents of block G will be a multinational community, creating an exciting and distinctive highlight for the most beautiful building at Saigon South Residences. Block G will go on sale on March 25,” said the representative.


Minh Tri