Blue is the coolest color:

Where to find Vietnam’s most gorgeous water

Time magazine has picked 13 places around the world with the bluest water, including this island in southern Vietnam.

Blue the color has been scientifically proven as being able to calm your mind. Maybe that’s why a day by the beach is always so relaxing.

This week, just in time for summer, Time magazine released a list of 13 places around the world where travelers will be amazed by the bluest water.

Devil’s Bay off the British Virgin Islands and the Maldives, to almost nobody’s surprise, make the cut alongside Egremnoi in Greece and the Crater Lake in Oregon.

But Time has also included a hidden treasure in southern Vietnam: Con Son Island, which magically (and deservingly) beats many more popular beaches along the central coastline and the famous turquoise water of Ha Long Bay.

Con Son, 110 miles off Vietnam’s southeastern coast, is described by Time as an unspoiled island with granite cliffs outlining the crystalline water, where “beaches are lined with golden sand and gorgeous blue water.”

It is the only inhabited and largest island in the 16-island archipelago Con Dao, once a notorious prison island.

Tourism is going through the first phase of a boom here, with a few resorts already gaining international attention – partly due to a surprise visit by a Hollywood power couple a few years ago.

For a castaway-esque experience, head north to Dam Tre, literally the “Bamboo Lagoon” still fortunately untouched by human hands.

Explore the forest and take a dive to see the amazing coral reefs. Or just sit back and watch the day go by over the whole island.

The lagoon is also a good camping site – you will feel safe to know that there’s a forest ranger station nearby.

The island can be reached from Ho Chi Minh City by air. Tourists can also book a helicopter from the nearby beach town of Vung Tau.

Just one last tip: some say the seafood here is good but its chicken is somehow the best.

Story by Vi Vu

Photos and video by Banh He

By Vi Vu