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When we talk about economic inequality, let's talk about women

If all the unpaid care work done by women across the globe was carried out by a single company, it would have an annual turnover of $10 trillion – 43 times that of Apple.

World's 26 richest own same as poorest half of humanity: Oxfam

The world's 26 richest people own the same wealth as the poorest half of humanity, Oxfam said Monday.

Supermarkets must help end 'brutal conditions' for farmers: Oxfam

'Millions of women and men who produce our food are trapped in poverty and face brutal working conditions.'
June 22, 2018 | 09:52 am GMT+7

Value chain boost for small-scale farmers in Vietnam

Oxfam initiates 4.3 million euro project to help bamboo and clam farmers in five provinces.
June 13, 2018 | 11:21 am GMT+7

Ex-Oxfam official denies organizing orgies as Haiti opens probe

'A lot of people, including international media, will be embarrassed when they hear my version of events.'
February 16, 2018 | 09:22 am GMT+7

UK threatens to cut off aid cash to charities after Oxfam sex report

Oxfam aid workers in Haiti were reported to pay for sex while on a mission to help those affected by the devastating 2010 earthquake.
February 12, 2018 | 08:39 am GMT+7

Eight men own half the world's wealth: Oxfam

The wealth of the world's poorest 3.6 billion people is the equivalent to the combined net worth of eight businessmen.
January 16, 2017 | 08:15 am GMT+7

Vietnam records increasing FDI from tax haven countries: Oxfam

Global investors are using tax havens as a transit route for massive amounts of foreign direct investment.
December 13, 2016 | 08:33 pm GMT+7

New Zealand to give Mekong province $50,000 to battle historic drought

The New Zealand Embassy announced today it will donate $50,000 to communities affected by drought and saltwater intrusion in Ben Tre province.
April 29, 2016 | 04:51 pm GMT+7

What GDP is not telling us about economy

If we want an economy of the 1 percent, then GDP is very useful. It tells us all we need to know. But if we want an economy that works for us all, we have to pay attention to what it is not telling us.
April 26, 2016 | 03:18 pm GMT+7
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