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Vietnamese bamboo ensemble with classical aspirations

An ensemble of folk bamboo instruments has set its sights on symphonizing traditional and folk Vietnamese music.

The Orchestra: Presented by Banh Mi Productions

A physical theater performance dedicated to the late Matthew James, depicting the struggles of loss.

Concert: The Joy Of Song

With performances from The International Choir and Orchestra of HCMC.
May 17, 2017 | 05:32 pm GMT+7

Special Concert II with National Symphony Orchestra of Vietnam

Enjoy thrilling pieces that will be performed by a talented 17-year-old pianist.
May 12, 2017 | 08:56 am GMT+7

Concert: Orchestra of the French High Schools

A musical journey to France for one night only.
January 11, 2017 | 12:00 am GMT+7

Subscription Concert Vol. 96: VNSO Bruckner II

Classical music from the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra and Japanese conductor Shimono Tatsuya.
December 05, 2016 | 11:26 am GMT+7

Hanoi Collective Orchestra

Japan Foundation Hanoi
July 01, 2016 | 03:15 pm GMT+7
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