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World leaders find Vietnam street dining ambience irresistible

Obama, Trudeau, Turnbull and Prince William are among celebrities drawn to streetside eateries and cafes in Vietnam. 

Obama’s ‘bun cha’ goes official

The ‘bun cha’ combo Obama ordered during his trip in Vietnam has gone down in history, marked by a whole page in the menu of the street food place he dined in.

Vietnam arms ban lifting is not about China: John Kerry

The U.S. lifting of its lethal arms embargo on Vietnam and President Obama's previous remarks in Hanoi should not be understood that it targets China, U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City Tuesday.
May 24, 2016 | 09:50 pm GMT+7

John Kerry meets Vietnamese people around Hoan Kiem Lake

John Kerry spotted around Hoan Kiem Lake this afternoon and chatted with passer-by.
May 23, 2016 | 08:56 pm GMT+7

United States President Barack Obama departs for Vietnam's visit

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives to board Air Force One for travel to Vietnam and Japan from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, U.S. on May 21, 2016. 
May 22, 2016 | 08:59 am GMT+7

Obama’s security cars ‘The Beast’ seen in Hanoi

Several security cars, including two armoured limousines, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, worth about $1.5 million each, have been seen in a luxury hotel in Hanoi on Friday, a few days before the U.S President makes his first visit to Vietnam.
May 20, 2016 | 07:29 pm GMT+7

Obama to discuss arms embargo in Vietnam, no decision reached yet

President Barack Obama is still grappling with a historic decision on whether to lift the U.S. arms embargo on Vietnam just days before he travels there, the White House said on Thursday, signaling that human right concerns could be a sticking point.
May 20, 2016 | 08:15 am GMT+7

Obama changes schedule in Vietnam visit

The U.S. president will arrive in Hanoi on the morning of May 23 instead of May 22, Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
May 16, 2016 | 07:43 pm GMT+7

"This is not a reality show," Obama tells Trump

U.S. President Barack Obama warned on Friday that occupying the Oval Office "is not a reality show," in a swipe at outspoken Republican candidate Donald Trump who is vying to replace him in the White House.
May 07, 2016 | 02:28 pm GMT+7

Obama to visit Vietnam, says Chinese-led trade deal poses urgent need for TPP approval

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that a Chinese-led regional trade deal demonstrated the urgent need for Congress to approve the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and plans to visit TPP partners Vietnam and Japan this month, Washington Post reports.
May 03, 2016 | 07:30 am GMT+7

Obama hosts jazz concert at White House

Singer Aretha Franklin takes the stage as U.S. President Barack Obama hosts a concert at the White House in observance of International Jazz Day. U.S. President Barack Obama hosted a concert at the White House on Friday (April 29) in observance of International Jazz Day.He said he was introduced to jazz by his father, who took him to his first concert in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1971."I didn't realize at the time the impact that it had, but the world that that concert opened up for a 10-year-old boy was spectacular," Obama said. "I was hooked.Among the guest artists to take the stage were Aretha Franklin and Herbie Hancock.
April 30, 2016 | 09:45 am GMT+7

Obama says he hopes he has persuaded British voters not to leave EU

U.S. President Barack Obama said he hoped he would be able to influence some British voters' decisions at a June 23 referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, speaking after making a series of pro-EU interventions during a trip to London.
April 24, 2016 | 02:14 pm GMT+7

Obama meets with the Royal Family in London visit

U.S. President Barack Obama flew to Queen Elizabeth's castle on Friday to wish happy birthday to the world's oldest monarch a day after she turned 90, calling her one of his favourite people.
April 23, 2016 | 09:55 am GMT+7

U.S. Supreme Court to judge Obama for protecting millions of illegal immigrants

The U.S. Supreme Court takes up a case on Monday probing the limits of presidential powers as the justices weigh whether President Barack Obama overstepped his authority with unilateral action to protect millions of people in the country illegally from deportation.
April 18, 2016 | 12:16 pm GMT+7
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