Fashion designer drops new collection inspired by northern attire

By Huong Giang   May 21, 2022 | 03:03 am PT
Vietnamese fashion designer Thuy Nguyen's new collection titled "To Hong" (Pink Silk) features patterns and bold designs of northwest culture.

Model Kieu Anh plays the role of an ethnic girl in a colorful outfit, posing in the middle of the majestic mountains and immense forests.


The harmonious lifestyle between the mountainous people and nature is clearly shown by the designer's use of colors, including blue and green, suggesting the interference between overlapping mountains and cloudy sky.
These are also two prominent colors often used in traditional Thai clothing.


Kieu Anh depicts the image of a Thai girl sitting contemplatively on the doorstep.
Accessories and flower-studded paper fans create interesting accents for the mountainous-region-inspired outfit.


Thuy Nguyen said that the pink thread embroidered on the Pieu scarf of the Thai ethnic group gives her a lot of fashion inspiration.


Thuy Nguyen used soft fabrics and baggy designs to create comfort and ease for the wearer.


The designer used patterns like flowers, deer, birds and stars that are often linked to the northwestern region's traditional attire throughout her collection.


Every little detail gives each design a sophisticated, delicate and distinct look.


The collection uses different materials like brocade, lace, satin and unique accessories.

Photos by Minh Nhon

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