Family in China spends $140 daily on hotel stay as cost-saving strategy

By Linh Le   January 12, 2024 | 05:35 pm PT
A family of eight in China is residing in a luxury hotel suite and paying 1,000 yuan (US$140) per day, a decision they say is financially sensible.
A bedroom suite in hotel. Illustration photo by Freepik

A bedroom suite in hotel. Illustration photo by Freepik

The rate is a special offer as a long-term rental agreement from the hotel and includes amenities like parking, heating, water, and electricity, as per the South China Morning Post.

In a video uploaded to social media by family member Mu Xue, it can be seen that the family is enjoying a two-bedroom property equipped with a TV, sofas, chairs, and tables.

Malaysian news site The Star reported that Mu also said in the video that her family are contemplating making the suite their permanent home to cut costs.

While the specific rent prices in Nanyang, a prefecture-level city in China's central Henan province where the family originates, are not clear, reports indicate that the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Shanghai has reached 20,000 yuan.

The family’s unconventional lifestyle choice has elicited a range of reactions on social media, with some wishing they could also afford to live in a hotel, while others being skeptical about the comfort of eight people living in one suite.

"I would also want to live in a hotel if I was rich," a netizen comments.

"Eight people squeezed into such a hotel suite, is it really comfortable?" asked another.

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