Vietnam offers super cheap train tickets through Christmas holiday

By VnExpress   September 23, 2017 | 11:38 am GMT+7
Vietnam offers super cheap train tickets through Christmas holiday
A foreigner buys a train ticket in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Doan Loan

Tickets of up to $4.40 will be available for travel on all routes until December 27.

Vietnam Railways is offering tickets of up to $4.40 on all train routes until late December and they will be delivered randomly.

The company said that 10,000 tickets of between VND10,000-100,000 (44 cents - $4.40) will be on sale online and at train stations from Tuesday next week.

The tickets are applied for travel between October 1 and December 27 on all routes, and will be delivered randomly instead of on the first-come-first-serve basis.

A similar promotion launched last June frustrated many customers who came to train stations first thing in the morning but failed to catch any cheap tickets.

The tickets are part of the efforts being made to restore the romance of train travel, which market share in the transport sector has shrunk from 30 percent in the 1930s to less than 2 percent.

Vietnam’s lawmakers passed amendments to the Railway Law in June, promising bigger infrastructure investment into the system, which still runs on the crash-prone one-meter gauge design and which is threatened by a large number of unmonitored crossings.

Some companies have also taken initiatives by offering first-class trips with restaurant cars like the five-star train service launched this year from Ho Chi Minh City to the coastal resort town of Nha Trang or from Hanoi to the northern highlands town of Sa Pa.

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