New Sapa hotel - a ‘Versailles in the clouds’

By Phat Dat   April 18, 2019 | 08:00 pm PT
Hotel de la Coupole - Mgallery, which opened its doors a few months ago, aims to restore a mountain retreat to its splendorous heydays.

Since the turn of the 21st century, the tourism industry in Sa Pa in northern Vietnam has been on the ascent. With each passing year, the standard grade of hotels has also been climbing.

But at the end of 2018, images of a newly opened resort in this mountain retreat were shared across the globe. Many luxury travelers from all over the world began making plans to visit northern Vietnam after seeing pictures of the magnificent Hotel de la Coupole - MGallery.

With the precipitous slopes of the Hoang Lien Son mountains in the background, the hotel seems to belong to the realm of fantasy.

Backed by the project’s main investor, Sun Group, architect Bill Bensley - described as ‘the kingof exoticluxury resorts’ by Time magazine - pulled out all of the stops in conjuring up the design for this outstanding international five-star accommodation, which is already being lauded as an inimitable creation and an architectural masterpiece.

Hotel de la Coupole - MGallery.

Hotel de la Coupole - MGallery.

Back to a bygone era

A true visionary with an eye for the spectacular, Bensley has turned Sa Pa into a ‘Versailles in the clouds’ with Hotel de la Coupole, one that will have guests feeling as though they have been spirited away to a bygone era.

Stepping into the lobby, guests can see how Bensley has infused the interiors of Hotel de la Coupole with lush haute couture textures and the vibrant colors of the ethnic hill tribes that have populated the Hoang Lien Son mountains for many centuries.

The result is a fabulous, captivating blend of styles that will strike guests even as they are checking in.

The indoor, heated swimming pool,Le Grand Bassin,boasts spectacular arched columns and an elaborate ceiling composed of marble and mosaic.

The indoor, heated swimming pool, Le Grand Bassin, boasts spectacular arched columns and an elaborate ceiling composed of marble and mosaic.

They will then be treated to luxurious heights in each and every one of the 249 modern and spacious rooms, where the attention to detail is obvious in the gorgeous artwork, tribal patterns, state-of-the-art facilities, lavish furnishings and vintage collectibles, all artfully and elegantly arranged throughout the accommodation.

Outside each window, they will also see panoramic views of the northwestern mountains and when they step out on to the balconies, they will be able to breathe in the crisp, cool mountain air.

Just a short walk from the hotel, guests can immerse themselves in the local culture at the bustling Sa Pa market, where H’Mong, Thai, Red Dzao and other ethnic minority communities sell various items including handicrafts and souvenirs.

Superlative services

The indoor, heated swimming pool, Le Grand Bassin,boasts spectacular arched columns and an elaborate ceiling composed of marble and mosaic. After a day on the slopes, guests will be able to have a refreshing swim beneath the crystal chandeliers before heading to the fitness center orNuage- the in-house spa, which offers various rejuvenating packages.

For large events, the resort offers a 435sqm ballroom that can host up to 570 guests. Besides the spacious auditorium, there are six fully equipped meeting rooms and four board rooms for executive meetings.

The superlative, five-star, international standard services also extend to the restaurants at Hotel de la Coupole. AtChic,guests can expect a dining experience on par with a Michelin-star restaurant in Paris. The chef and his team have crafted a menu featuring sublime haute cuisine with classical French dishes as well as traditional Sapa staples, elevated by fresh local ingredients.

When sojourning in Sapa, an unforgettable experience awaits atop Hotel de la Coupole at the Absinthebar - the jewel in this five-star accommodation’s crown. While sipping on a perfect cocktail and sharing delicious plates of tapas, guests can kick back and relax while admiring stunning views of the mountainsin a cosy setting with an open fireplace.

The Absinthebar with views of the mountains.

The Absinthebar with views of the mountains.

Guests can also indulge in all kinds of delectable desserts and pastries at Cacao café. The chocolate-based treats are all made with the single origin, artisanal Marou, described as "the best chocolate you have never tasted" bythe New York Times. Whichever decadent treat you choose, it can be complimented with a hot chocolate or a perfect cappuccino made by the baristas at Cacao.

Climb to new highs

Fansipan- also known as the ‘rooftop of Indochina’ - is one of Sapa’s greatest attractions and it’s now more accessible than ever before thanks to the Fansipan Cable Car.

Also developed by the Sun Group, this project took several years of back-breaking work as engineers and laborers achieved what some said was impossible - building a three-cable car system that could conquer the peak.

Fully operational since February 2016, the cable car offers breathtaking views on the ride to the top. Guests at Hotel de la Coupole can enjoy exclusive access when boarding the Muong Hoa funicular, which is located next to the hotel, and take a 10-minute ride around Sapa and through the picturesque Muong Hoa Valley, before arriving at the Fansipan cable car station and heading for the ‘roof of Indochina’.

Riding in the cabin, passengers can have their fill of heavenly mountainous landscapes and stunning terraced rice fields - voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive ones of Asia and the world by readers of the US' magazine Travel + Leisure.

They will also see rural villages and carpets of wild azalea flowers, and so much more in a part of the world that has truly been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.

The Fansipan mountain,where visitors can find peace in a newly built spiritual complex.\

The Fansipan mountain,where visitors can find peace in a newly built spiritual complex.

Upon reaching the peak of Mount Fansipan, travelers can admire the newly built spiritual complex that has been developed by Sun Group to honor Vietnam’s highest peak.

A trip to this inspirational destination can also include a visit to Sun World Fansipan Legend, where visitors are introduced to some of the traditional dances and musical instruments that are unique to Vietnam’s northwestern mountainous culture.

All in all, there is no shortage of magical experiencesawaitingguestswho chooseto stay at Hotel de la Coupole Sapa – Mgallery by Sofitel. The choice of where to stay in "Heaven on Earth" is a no-brainer. Why settle for anything less than the very best five-star experience?

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