Mango Garden Zoo welcomed newborn rare animals

By Pham Van    August 29, 2019 | 08:30 pm PT
Mango Garden Eco-Tourism Zone in Dong Nai Province has welcomed newborn tigers, giraffes and antelopes over the last six months.

The veterinary division and the wildlife care division of the zone said that 13 newborn Bengal tigers – eight yellow tigers and five white tigers are rare animals. The largest of them is more than five months old and the smallest, less than a month.

The Baby Bengal tigers are borned at Vuon Xoai.

The baby Bengal tigers born in captivity at Mango Garden Eco-Tourism Zone.

Mango Garden has also welcomed a baby giraffe, which is now three months old and in good health, and some young Kudu and Impala antelopes.

Newly born baby giraffe (middle) at Vuon Xoai ecological tourist area.

The baby giraffe born about three months ago.

Staff and experts said the birth of the rare animals in captivity is evidence that the Vuon Xoai Zoo is on the right track. So far, it has successfully domesticated and bred many precious animal species including tigers, lions, black bears, antelopes and many birds.

Vuon Xoai is a semi-wild zoo developed within the Mango Garden Eco-Tourism Zone. Many rare animals from different continents have been brought here for conservation, breeding, display and education. These include tigers, black panthers, jaguars, lions, rhinos, brown bears, antelopes, hyenas, giraffes, different species of fish and different species of birds, including peacocks, flamingos and swans.

The zoo attracts many children who have fun while exploring the natural world. This not only imparts knowledge about wildlife, but also inculcates a love for nature.

The young antelope is beside her mother at Vuon Xoai zoo.

A baby antelope and her mother.

The Mango Garden Eco-Tourism Zone, with a total area of over 50 hectares, is located just over an hour by car from Ho Chi Minh City. It has all the facilities to receive domestic and foreign tourists, including stop stations, zoo tours, picnic spots, entertainment shows, resort facilities and restaurants. It can also host corporate or other kinds of events. It is a weekend and holiday destination increasingly favored by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Mango Garden Eco-Tourism Zone

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