‘Kong’ director reunites with local actors in surprise Vietnam visit

By Vy An   May 12, 2017 | 10:50 am GMT+7

Jordan Vogt-Roberts returns to Ninh Binh Province and meets the farmers who appear as extras in the blockbuster.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts takes a boat ride as he returns to the northern province of Ninh Binh on Wednesday. Ninh Binh is one of three filming locations for "Kong: Skull Island," one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of the year.


The director poses with the tribe in front of rattan houses in the village, where the film’s protagonists seek refuge from monsters in the movie. The province opened the film set to tourists in mid-April, keeping almost everything shown in the movie, except Kong.


The 32-year-old director was named Vietnam’s tourism ambassador in March. He visited Ha Long Bay, another filming location, earlier this week.


Some of the extras in the film, who are local farmers, are happy to see him.


The director reunites with Chu Van Lam, who plays chief of the tribal village in the movie.


Vogt-Roberts takes a picture of Lam and his wife while holding an old photo of the couple. “Today I was in Ninh Binh where we shot the village scenes in Kong. One of the actors invited me to his home and I was honored to visit him and his wife. I had them recreate this beautiful photo of them when they were 25 years old. It was a day I will never forget,” the director said in his Instagram post.

Photos by Vu Duc Phuong

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