How to travel to one of the most beautiful places in northern Vietnam like a pro

By Thanh Tuyet   September 28, 2017 | 03:08 pm GMT+7

From where to go to what to eat, a Hanoian man shares his tips for 48 hours in Cao Bang.


This time of year is ideal for a trip to Cao Bang Province, 280km northeast of Hanoi, as the terraced rice fields turn yellow, buckwheat flowers bloom and Ban Gioc Waterfall is at its most spectacular. Luckily for those who've never ventured to this remote region before, Hoang Tuan Anh from Hanoi has some useful suggestions for you. Photo by Thanh Tung


You can book a ticket for VND200,000 (around $9) at My Dinh Coach Station for an overnight coach that leaves Hanoi at 10 p.m. and arrives in Cao Bang at 5 a.m. In Cao Bang you can hire motorbikes at homestays or hotels, which you can easily find in Cao Bang Town, for around VND150,000 per day. Anh said he stayed at Primrose Homestay, a nice place not very far from the coach station. Photo by Tuan Anh


Ban Gioc Waterfall is more than 80km from the town. A motorbike trip is a good way to get there while enjoying the paddy fields, mountains and forests along the way. Photo by Thanh Tung


Three kilometers from the falls lies Nguom Ngao, an astonishing cave with stalactites of various shapes and sizes. Photo by Tuan Anh


Thang Hen is 30km north of Cao Bang Town but as the road is quite tricky, it can take around an hour to get there. In return, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of an emerald lake perched at 1,000 meters above sea level. Photo by Chu Duc Hoa


Sour pho is a specialty that no one should miss in Cao Bang. This pho is different from the famous Vietnamese noodles thanks to a combination of herbs, roasted peanuts, pork, duck and a sour sauce made from lime. Photo by Tuan Anh


Steamed rice rolls are another treat in Cao Bang that you have to try. Unlike the soft rolls that are served with sweet fish sauce you may have seen or tasted elsewhere in Vietnam, these rolls in Cao Bang are served with soup. Photo by Tuan Anh


In all, Tuan Anh spent VND1.3 million for two days in Cao Bang, and for him, the trip was definitely worth every penny and minute. Now you have the tips, pack your bags for Cao Bang to see if you can find more things to say about this beautiful land. Photo by Tuan Anh

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