Hang Rai: a pristine hideaway on the coast of Vietnam

By Tuan Dao   April 7, 2016 | 06:31 pm GMT+7
The rock formations and fossilized coral reefs of Hang Rai are a must for visitors to the coastal city of Phan Rang in Ninh Thuan province. 

Hang Rai is located inside Vinh Hy Bay, only about 40 kilometers from Phan Rang and accessible by car or motorbike. Located on the main North-South railway line, Phan Rang shares with the more famous Nha Trang the Cam Ranh International Airport. If your journey starts in Nha Trang, a bus to Phan Rang will serve you well. Vinh Hy offers a complete spectrum of accomodation, ranging from the luxury Amanoi Resort to $15 rooms or even cheaper at local hostels.

The range of activities on offer includes swimming, fishing and rock climbing.

It's no one but mother nature that created a one-of-a-kind Hang Rai. Dyed by sun, shaped by wind and finished by waves, the unique rock figures here haves been standing guard since the first day of its existence.

Mother nature created the unique landscape of Hang Rai. Carved by the wind and waves, the rock formations have taken shape over millions of years.

Some are smooth and soothe the eyes, some are spiky and challenge the mood.

The coastline has a rugged beauty.

From afar, the rough cliff looks like a giant spacecraft, floating on the deep blue water.

The fossilized coral reef appears to be floating on the deep blue water.

Hang Rai also features the biggest ancient coral reef in Vietnam, flashing on and off under the ripples.

Hang Rai features the largest ancient coral reef in Vietnam.

Road to the coral reef is quite challenging. Tourists have to go around the rocks, from there find the way down.

The path to the coral reef is quite challenging. Tourists have to climb over the rocks to find their way down.

Though beautiful whenever you turn your eyes to it, Hang Rai still favors the early birds with stunning scene at sunrise, when the coral is fully exposed to sunlight.

Hang Rai favors the early birds with stunning scenes at sunrise.

After feeding up the eyes with scenery, feel free to immerse yourself in the natural pools shaped by the geographic shape of Hang Rai.

You can also swim in the natural pools created by the unique rock formations.

There is no better way to finish the trip with a memory card full of coral pictures.

There is no better way to finish the trip than with an album full of coral pictures.

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