'Fika' like a Swede with Wayne's Coffee in Vietnam

December 17, 2018 | 07:30 pm PT
Wayne’s Coffee brand "Beverage quintessence" brings Sweden’s unique cultural feature to Vietnam

The café, at 37 Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, has already welcomed Pereric Högberg, the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, many young people, businessmen, artists to experience Swedish fika style, or having coffee like a Swede.

Wayne’s Coffee is one of the world-renowned brands from Sweden along with the band ABBA, Volvo cars, IKEA furniture, Absolut vodka, Ericsson mobile phones, and H&M fashion, Högberg said.

"For Swedes, Fika isn’t something that is luxury, classic. It is simply a part of everyday life. However, it is an indispensable aspect of the lifestyle of the people", the ambassador said.

"Sweden is a cold country, so coffee is a very important thing to help us warm up. Drinking coffee is also a way to meet friends, help stay awake to drive; that is fika, about a fast and relaxed break during the day.

Swede Ambassador in Vietnam - Mr. Pereric Högberg. 

Swede Ambassador in Vietnam - Mr. Pereric Högberg. 

"I am very happy to have the first Swedish coffee chain in Vietnam. I think it will be as successful as other Swedish global brands. Experience fika style, buy and take away, meet old and new friends in the same place". 

Högberg pointed out the similarities between the coffee cultures and coffee drinking preferences of people in Vietnam and Sweden.

"We all love coffee. In my mind, Vietnamese coffee always has a sweet taste, perhaps because Vietnamese like to add sugar and often have ice. In Sweden, we do not use much ice or sugar. Vietnamese coffee in a filter to drip is different from our coffee, which is often made using a coffee maker. I like Vietnamese coffee".

Fika like a Swede with Waynes Coffee in Vietnam - 1

Wayne's Coffee Vietnam uses organic coffee certified by KRAV (Sweden and Europe) with the most stringent inspection of the natural planting and processing of the coffee without chemicals, ensuring the highest quality and safeguarding the health of consumers. Cakes, drinks (coffee, tea) are made by bartenders from Sweden right at the counter.

There is always Vietnamese coffee meeting for lovers of traditional coffee at VND29,000 ($1.25).

Wayne's Coffee in Vietnam, which is owned by Arya Consumer JSC and Vietnam-Oman Investment Fund, is the first of Wayne's Coffee in Asia.

As a strategic shareholder in the project, the VOI Fund, with a primary focus on contributing to society and creating values for the country and its people, sought to adopt this project with Arya Consumers JSC to continue its mission in Vietnam.

VOI is a joint venture between the State General Reserve Fund of Oman and the State Capital Investment Corporation of Vietnam. VOI pursues a philosophy of value investing and long-term investment.

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