Chasing waterfalls on the outskirts of Hanoi

By Ngo Huy Hoa   June 6, 2016 | 05:35 am PT
The outskirts of any crowded city may suggest a contrasting suburban image void of activities and movements. The farthest parts of Hanoi beg to differ with its very own kind of motion, literally. 

Mo, Hoa, Tran, Mam Xoi are a few names to be remembered this summer.

Khoang Xanh, where the waterfalls pour down the hardest, lies 60 kilometers to the northwest of Hanoi, in a jungle area.

Khoang Xanh, where the waterfalls pour down the hardest, lies in a jungle 60 kilometers to the northwest of Hanoi.


The waterfalls are part of Ba Vi National Park, boasting two kilometers of natural streams.


Fake wooden bridges help any millenial a nice shot.


Besides natural wonders, humans have themselves built some waterfalls for tourism’s sake.

Những dòng thác mát lành ngay ngoại ô Hà Nội


Further upstream, the more eerie the scene turns, dashed with hundreds year old trees and mossy rocks.


40 minutes by car is the only thing standing between you and a fresh and clean break from daily urban life.

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