Birds of a feather flock together to Vietnam's last island outpost

By Nguyen Sy Duc   July 2, 2017 | 08:55 pm PT
The tiny uninhabited island off Binh Thuan Province attracts thousands of birds every summer.

Its international name is Poulo Sapate, but in Vietnam it is known as Hon Hai because it looks like a shoe called "hai" that Vietnamese people used to wear. Geographically speaking, Hon Hai is a huge limestone lying in the middle of the South China Sea, known as the East Sea in Vietnam.


There is no fresh water on the island, explaining why it is always pure and peaceful. Those who want to reach the island have to hop on a fishing boat before jumping into a coracle for the rest of the trip.


Every year in June and July, thousands of birds return to this island to lay eggs after months spent on the wing.


Here comes a swallow.


This seabird is not scared of heights!


Welcome to the world, little chick!


A small, speckled egg.


This little island, which is only 130 meters long and 60 meters wide, may be uninhabited, but that does not mean it has escaped human hands. Hon Hai stands in a critical position, marking Vietnam's eastern boundary on the world map.


The country has built a lighthouse and a stone plinth to mark its territory.


Another important construction on this island is a tunnel stretching 170 meters through the huge rock to the summit.

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