Anchovy fishing shot nets a top 50 Agora listing

By Hoang Phong   June 24, 2020 | 02:08 pm GMT+7
Anchovy fishing shot nets a top 50 Agora listing
The shot taken by Alex Cao captures fishermen casting green nets to collect anchovies on Sa Huynh Beach in central Vietnam.

A shot of fishermen casting green nets to catch anchovies in central Vietnam is among 50 best submissions to Agora’s Green 2020 contest.

The photo, taken by Alex Cao, captures fishermen on Sa Huynh Beach pulling out large green nets to catch anchovies, a specialty of the central coastal region that’s used to produce the quintessential Vietnamese condiment – fish sauce.

The photographer is a native of the central province of Quang Ngai, where the beach is located.

"I took this picture early morning of the first day of spring in Sa Huynh, which is famous for its fishing industry. The water was very clear and the boat was collecting nets full of anchovies," Cao said.

The Green 2020 photo contest, organized by the world’s largest free-to-use photo app, attracted nearly 18,000 entries. Contest results were announced Monday. Bangladeshi photographer Md Asaf Ud Daula won the $1,000 grand prize with a heartwarming photo of young boy plucking flowers in the rain in Akkelpur.

Vietnamese photographers have boosted their Agora profile of late. Shots of the Nam Cuong sand dune and Nhu Y River in central Vietnam were named among Agora’s Beauty 2020 top 50 last month.

Last March, an aerial shot of Da Nang’s famous Golden Bridge held up by two giant hands won Tran Tuan Viet Agora’s world best architecture photo of 2020 award.

Last month, a stunningly beautiful shot of water lilies on the Yen stream outside Hanoi taken by Tran Quang Quy won him the $1,000 prize in Agora’s Spring 2020 photo contest.

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