Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai

By Duy Si   July 22, 2019 | 03:27 am PT
Panoramic images from above spotlights the as yet unspoilt charms and beauty of landscapes in the central province of Quang Ngai.

Son Tay District

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai

The mountainous district Son Tay seen from the top of An Mountain. This place has become a popular stop among backpackers travelling cross the country.

Lan Hamlet

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 1

Heading east towards the popular My Khe Beach and Son Tra Peninsula from Quang Ngai Town, the capital of Quang Ngai Province, visitors will come across a bamboo bridge over the Tra Khuc River. The bridge leads to Lan Hamlet.

Lan Hamlet in Tinh Long Commune offers a complete break from the bustle of urban life, and allows visitors to experience the quiet and peace of Vietnamese countryside.

Binh Chau Commune beacon 

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 2

In Binh Chau Commune, Binh Son District, the Ba Lang An Lighthouse is as much a tourist attraction as a navigation aid for boats going out to sea. Tourists can get to the top and enjoy the view for just VND10,000 ($0.43).

The lighthouse, built in 1982, is 36.4 meters high. The place attracts many young people who come to take photos of the Ba Lang An Cape, which is made up of arch-shaped volcanic walls along the coast. Underneath are black rocks that emerge when the tide recedes and disappear at high tide.

Nuoc Trong Reservoir

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 3

The Nuoc Trong Reservoir is the biggest irrigation and hydroelectricity project in the central region. The reservoir is itself a beautiful sight, dotted with small and lush green islands.

It is not only responsible for coordinating water for agricultural production but also an ecological lake with rich vegetation that is surrounded by mountains and forests.

Tinh Khe palm groves

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 4

Unlike other palm groves like the popular Bay Mau grove near Hoi An Town of the neighboring province Quang Nam, the Tinh Khe Coconut Forest of Quang Ngai Province still retains its rugged, and raw beauty since it has not been heavily exploited by tourism.

Visitors can get boat tours to explore the submerged forest system while taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air this place has to offer.

Truong Xuan Bridge 

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 5

Trains connecting the north and south of the country still pass through the Truong Xuan Rail Bridge, one of Quang Ngai’s icons. Many people come here to take wedding and yearbook photos.

Co Luy Hamlet

Aerial view of lush green Quang Ngai - 6

About 10 kilometers east of Quang Ngai Town, Co Luy Hamlet stands at the foot of Mount Phu Tho in Nghia Phu Commune, Tu Nghia District. The hamlet is famous for offering stunning vistas all year round.

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