Hong Kong requires 21-day quarantine for unvaccinated Vietnamese arrivals

By Nguyen Quy   July 13, 2021 | 11:47 pm PT
Hong Kong requires 21-day quarantine for unvaccinated Vietnamese arrivals
Pilots wearing face masks are seen at the Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, May 7, 2020. Photo by Reuters/Tyrone Siu.
Hong Kong has listed Vietnam among high-risk Covid areas from which visitors need to undergo 21-day hotel quarantine on arrival.

Vietnam and Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and Cambodia have been listed in a group of high-risk areas under Hong Kong's five-tier system for assessing the overseas Covid-19 threat.

All passengers from high-risk areas must furnish a negative PCR test certificate from an accredited health center in the country of departure valid for 72 hours after arrival and must have a confirmed reservation at an approved quarantine hotel in Hong Kong, regardless of whether or not they have their own residence.

However, those that have received two shots of a Covid vaccine approved by Hong Kong authorities and presenting antibody test results from a recognized laboratory in the city would only undergo seven-day hotel quarantine as part of its relaxed quarantine policies.

Qatar has mandated seven-day hotel quarantine for unvaccinated visitors from Vietnam.

Over four million of Vietnam's 96 million people have got their shots, with over 280,000 getting both doses. The government targets vaccinating 70 percent of the population by April 2022.

With the country struggling to contain the Delta variant, several countries including Sri Lanka, Oman, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia have banned entry from Vietnam.

Its containment of Covid was a global success story until late April until the fourth wave began.

Vietnam has recorded 33,035 infections to date.

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