5 cafés that offer panoramic views of Da Lat

By Di Vy   May 17, 2019 | 02:30 pm GMT+7
The green, moutainouns landscape of Vietnam's Central Highlands can be enjoyed from different vantage points. 
Photo by Darling Jeju.

Photo by Darling Jeju.

Me Linh Café

Though situated quite far from the town center, Me Linh attracts customers thanks to its views typical of Da Lat. The seats are in a balcony, which enables guests to watch the forest below and Cam Ly Lake.

You can order a hot cup of coffee to sip while enjoying the misty weather. Besides coffee, the café also has a wide selection of other drinks at an average price of VND35,000 ($1.5).

From the town center, follow the route to Van Thanh flower village, turn into provincial Road DT725 toward Ta Nung mountain pass, and continue down the road to reach the café. 

Photo by Di Vy.

Photo by Di Vy.

Dalat View

Dalat View is on Khe Sanh Street on the way to the famous Mimoza Pass. Surrounding it is a forest. The café is popular among tourists, especially young people who like to take photos. Many couples choose the red bridge that extends into the forest for their wedding photo shoot. 

The café has many floors but only indoor seating.

5 cafés to enjoy views of Da Lat mountains - 4

Sunshine Coffee

From Sunshine Coffee, you can see the colorful houses on the mountainside. 

The most popular drinks of this café on Tran Hung Dao Street are coffee, smoothies and juices. The average price is VND40,000 ($1.7).

Photo by Ty Nguyen.

Photo by Ty Nguyen.

Panorama Café

This place attracts customers with its panoramic views. Evenings are the most crowded time since it is when lanterns are lit up. Their golden sparkle, combined with the views of Da Lat, creates an almost mystical air. 

The café has a vast selection of drinks. Customers can choose from various yogurts, smoothies and other beverages. The average price is VND30,000 ($1.3).

To reach the place take the road to Trai Mat - Cau Dat. It is situated near the Trai Mat junction.

Photo by Ngoc Cam.

Photo by Ngoc Cam.

Cau Dat Farm

The café is situated between Cau Dat tea hill, a popular tourist destination in Da Lat around 30 km from the town center. While the other cafés offer views of mountains and forests, this gives you the opportunity to see rolling tea fields. 

It has several different seating areas. Early morning is the best time to sit outside and take in the gentle sunshine and fresh air. The café has a large and diverse menu. The average price is VND45,000 ($1.9).

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