One of the best Vietnamese noodle soups that locals never told you about

By Huong Chi   April 26, 2017 | 06:13 pm PT
Next time in Nha Trang, don't follow the crowds.

Tourists in Nha Trang are often told to try a hot bowl of bun cha ca, one of the specialties of the central resort town. Somehow, many of them have been disappointed.

This is when local knowledge matters. To find the best fish noodle soup, you should stop going where the crowds go.

If you ask the natives for their advice, some will kindly point you to this 20-year-old shop: a sidewalk joint opening from around 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day on the corner of Vo Tru and Tran Nguyen Han, near Xom Moi Market.

“Locals don’t come to places packed with tourists because they know those places don't always serve the best food,” said Phuong, the owner.


Photo by VnExpress/Huong Chi

The whole package costs only VND20,000 or less than a dollar.The star of the dish is clearly the fish cake – and there are steamed and fried versions for you to choose. The clear broth tastes exactly how you'd expect: savory but very light. Phuong will top each hot noodle bowl with fresh herbs before bringing it to you, together with a bowl of fish sauce and fresh vegetables.

Phuong said she learned how to cook from her mother, who had a similar sidewalk shop decades ago.

Another secret: the mi Quang at her shop is just as delicious, if you want your noodles yellow.


Photo by VnExpress/Huong Chi

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