Live Painting Session #1 at Indika

October 6, 2016 | 03:00 pm PT
Opening: 04:00 pm, Sun 09 Oct 2016
The first Live Painting Session in the city: 3 artists painting 3 surf boards, live on stage


Theme: Higher Consciousness, Spirituality & Distorsions


Dede La Plume (France)

Dede la Plume is the kind of artist you could call a schizophrenic.
She paints, draws, illustrates, designs fashion and textiles and dances; this French girl never stops creating.
"I arrived in Vietnam a year ago. Came here to meet, learn and live with local minorities of Vietnam.
Creating is an essential for my life; like we all breath, I need to create.
People we meet are my source of inspiration; everything they share with me transforms into art."
So live, love, eat and create!

Lucie Doan (VN-UK)

Lucie is a half English, half Vietnamese multidisciplinary fine artist, designer, photographer and poet. As an avid traveler with ethnic and cultural traces from Germany, England, Vietnam, France and America, she considers herself to be a global citizen before anything else.

She is now working in Saigon as a professional creative after having studied in Brighton, England. Her unique experiences have continually moulded her body of work and allowed it to evolve as she explores themes such as racial empowerment, political corruption, spirituality, environmentalism, existentialism and the concept of self, among many others.

Adele H (France)

Adele Hughes is a young video director and illustrator from Paris. A former graphic designer, her work focuses on experimental and psychedelic themes. She's been living in Saigon for a year and makes collaborations with artists in many disciplines such as hip hop, dance and video projection. Discover her crazy personality at the first Live Painting Session at Indika

Music: Psychedelic & Dub Tunes

Saigon Circus meet up will happen the same day.
Juggling, acroyoga and other cool performances will be randomly happening throughout the night.

Entrance fee: VND50,000 ($2.3)

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