Live Music: Puddles at Outcast

April 3, 2017 | 04:46 am PT
Opening: 07:30 pm, Sat 08 Apr 2017
When the grey skies get you down, get out there and splash around to the gleefully neurotic sounds of Puddles!

From organizers:

Puddles are an international four-piece that utilizs inventive technology and odd-time signatures to craft instant indy-pop classics so infectious you’ll be shouting the choruses by the end of your first listen.

When Tom first toured China as Kettering Bug in 2015, his custom engineered one-man band setup won him legions of dance-happy devoted fans. Operating guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums all in real-time, with no loops, Tom impressed local musicians as well, including Dali (China) - based banjo player and songwriter Dan Scott.

Discovering a mutual interest in densely layered psychedelic indy rock in the vein of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend, the pair began writing new songs based on their experiences squatting in the renovated courtyards and hippy crash pads of Dali. Their collaboration continued online when Tom returned to Australia to continue promoting Kettering Bug. But the Dali bug proved stronger, and Tom returned to China in Fall 2016.

Since then the band has been performing consistently throughout China and Vietnam, while picking up new members on the way. The band ended up in a Kunming flat with Mary, an Irish ethnomusicologist who quickly joined in as keyboardist. Then an old acquaintance known only as Dirty P crashed on their couch for ‘a few days' and also ended up joining the party as lead guitarist.

Combining Tom’s off-kilter lo-fi jams, Dan’s psycho-billy banjo pyrotechnics, Dirty P’s snappy jazz riffs, and Marys Irish "brogue" forms the perfect rainy day band.

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