Hanoi Collective Orchestra

July 1, 2016 | 12:15 am PT
Opening: 02:00 pm, Sun 17 Jul 2016
Japan Foundation Hanoi


The Hanoi Collective Orchestra for the second time will be welcoming anyone with any kind of "instrument" to become a member.

Participants will create new instruments and perform as part of a large, impromptu orchestra. With a multitude of different ensembles created by participants and varied sounds drawn from Hanoi’s streets, a new kind of “music without musicians” is set to descend on Hanoi.

Free entrance: Entrance may be restricted in case the number of participants exceeds the venue’s capacity.

Musical instrument creation: 2 p.m.

Performance by workshop members: 4 p.m.

Performance by the artists: 5 p.m.

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