Concert: “Nguyet Ha” - Trinh Cong Son

June 27, 2016 | 11:23 pm PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Sun 17 Jul 2016

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“Nguyet Ha” is a return to the original spirit of Trinh Cong Son's music.

Three artists in the concert, who live and work in different lands, will have a chat over the melodies and lyrics of the rare Vietnamese songwriter whose reputation goes beyond the border of his own homeland, Trinh Cong Son. The conversation, sometimes robust, sometimes calm, sometimes empty, sometimes filled with the sound of classical guitar and flute, is a return to the serene space of Trinh Cong Son's music.

Each song has its own origin, bringing a memory, like a distant meeting in the moonlight. “Nguyet Ha” drowns the audience in a quietness, keep the late songwriter’s fans afloat between the realms of memory, oblivion and melancholy.

Guitarist: Le Thu

Vocalist: Giang Trang

Flutist: Le Thu Huong

Ticket price:

Type A: VND300,000

Type B: VND170,000

Member price: VND100,000

Student price: VND80,000

Tickets are available at l'Espace from June 16, 2016.

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