Choreography show: Night Lullaby

June 13, 2017 | 07:08 pm PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Sat 17 Jun 2017
Featuring three talented choreographers - Sung A Lung, Nguyen Phuc Hai and Nguyen Phuc Hung.

Nguyen Phuc Hai and Nguyen Phuc Hung are talented choreographers that are well-known with many successful contemporary dance works in recent years: "The Pieces of Dreams", "Touching the Past", "Lost and found", "Waiting women", "Gone through love"...

Their work is known for the emphasis on thinking, the intricate interior of man in modern life. They will combine with dancer-choreographer Sung A Lung, who won the Gold Medal of the 2016 Young Talent Choreographer competition, staging the new work "Night Lullaby" with the meaningful theme.

Entry fee: VND550,000 ($24.2) – VND400,000 ($17.6) – VND350,000 ($15.4) – VND200,000 ($8.8)

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