Vietnamese youth rally against dog slaughter and animal cruelty

By Quynh Trang   October 16, 2016 | 10:44 pm PT
The next generation want their voices to be heard before it's too late.

Nearly 100 youngsters and their parents gathered at Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi on Sunday to demonstrate against the dog meat business and animal cruelty in Vietnam.

The rally was organized by the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam with the slogan: “Stop eating dog meat and the mistreatment of animals”. Participants were mostly students under 15.

From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., children sang, danced and chanted slogans directed by activists. Participants wore neon green tank tops with graphic pictures attached to their backs. “Please stop eating dog meat – Dogs are man's best friend” – one sign reads.

Please stop eating dog meat  Dogs are the most loyal friends to human.

“Please stop eating dog meat – Dogs are humans' most loyal friends.”

The children later drew their own opinions about the topic using pencils and crayons. “Rhino horns equal nails” and “Save our planet” were among the most popular.

Rhino horns equal nails. They cannot cure.

“Rhino horns equal nails. They cannot cure”.

The event attracted tourists' attention and the young activists were soon joined spontaneously by families strolling along the walking streets.

Parents, television MCs and mascots joined as facilitators.

Parents, television MCs and mascots all helped to organize the event.

An elder woman helping her granddaughter with drawing.

An elderly woman helps her granddaughter with drawing.

Children shared their drawings in group.

Children share their drawings in groups.

Tue Dong, the organizer and representative of the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam, said: “Our events vary every week. We strive to raise awareness about the environment, nature, animals, traffic…, topics that are often neglected in society nowadays.”

This is the fourth time the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam has organized an event of this kind. The last ones included a sponsored run for the environment and looking at the impacts of littering.

According to the Asia Canine Protection Alliance, Vietnam kills at least five million dogs per year, making it the second biggest consumer of dog meat in the world after China. The country has also been listed as the biggest hub for illegal rhino horn trafficking in the world for the past six years.

Photos by VnExpress/Quynh Trang

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