Vietnamese grandpa the grand old man of World Cup 2018

By Minh Nga   June 28, 2018 | 05:35 pm PT
Five years away from a century, ardent football fan Tran Hop makes it to Russia.

At 95 years, an opportunity to witness a World Cup game live might have come a little late.

Tran Hop did not think so.

The fact that he has 20 family members settled in Russia was the perfect opportunity, and he was taking it.

Of millions of fans who have flocked to Russia to witness the biggest sports event in the world, this 95-year-old man from Vietnam might be the oldest.

 Tran Hop talks to VTV as he stands in line in Moscow, Russia to get the FiFAs Fan ID in this still image.

Tran Hop talks to VTV as he waits in line in Moscow, Russia to get the FIFA's Fan ID in this still image captured from a video by VTV.

"I can reunite with my children and grandchildren and at the same time, watch the world’s biggest football competition directly. At home, I never miss any football match of the Vietnamese team on TV," he told Vietnamese national television VTV.

His son, Tran Quoc Luong, said that his father has visited Russia before, and it was obvious that the primary concern about the trip was his health.

Hop’s companion on this trip is his co-father-in-law, 72, who shares a love for the Russian football team with him.

According to FIFA’s Fan IDs, the youngest fan of the championship is a Russian baby girl who is just one-month old.

Both fans have a story to tell their grandchildren.

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