Unexpected downpour overwhelms Saigon, first day after Tet

By Huu Nguyen   February 2, 2017 | 04:50 am PT
The first weather surprise of the year hit the city in late afternoon when most were wrapping up their first day back at work.

Heavy rain hit Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday, the first day of work after a week-long Lunar New Year break, or Tet.

The downpour coupled with strong winds at around 4 p.m caught many residents off-guard, who never thought they would need raincoats right after the spring festival.

A number of streets in the city were flooded as the rain continued into the evening.

“It is very strange. This is perhaps the first time we've seen heavy rain right after Tet," said Ha, a resident in Nha Be District.

According to Dang Van Dung of the Southern Region's Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Station, unusual rain events have drenched the region for the last two days, but the weekend should be fine again.

Saigon's rainy season often lasts from May to November while the dry one stretches from December to April, even though experts say it's becoming much more difficult to predict weather patterns these days.

Sometimes there are drizzles during Tet but downpours are mostly unheard of.

Below are a few photos of what the city looked like on Thursday:


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