This music video will always hit the right note on Vietnam

By Tuan Hoang   September 27, 2018 | 05:52 pm GMT+7
Naughty Boy's One Chance to Dance is a moving music video that shows off Vietnam in its most gorgeous and cinematic aspects.

Naughty Boy is a famous English DJ, record producer and musician. The video is directed by the director duo Zhang + Knight. 

Shot entirely in Vietnam, it goes on a journey with two young girls from a rural area trying to express themselves through dance.

The video begins with two girls sitting inside a mosquito net nad watching TV with fascination. They re-enact the most famous scene from Cameroon’s Hollywood classic, Titanic, overlooking the Muong Hoa Valley in northwest Vietnam from a high perch atop a water buffalo. It is a stunningly beautiful depiction.

This music video will always hit the right note on Vietnam

They travel in a fleet of boats over the Ba Be Lake in pitch darkness and have a sword fight in a Sapa waterfall. They imitate Michael Jackson, and try out different dance moves. They catch a train to Hanoi, get off and recreate the famous dancing scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

But the dancing is not as fun as before. They feel out of place as they are unable to recapture the carefree feeling that they experienced at home. It’s a common theme. Many moved to big cities chasing dreams that end up getting crushed by real life.

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The girls have a fight at a bar and the taller girl one leaves in a huff and continues to dance on her own on a terrace, but dancing on her own is no fun. The video ends with the taller girl on a boat holding her notebooks as she heads back home, smiling at the blue sky.

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Just over three minutes long, One Chance to Dance executes a great piece of storytelling. And in doing so, viewers not only get to listen to good music and a moving story that asks some tough questions about today’s youth, but also get to see how beautiful Vietnam is and how talented its people are.

Naughty Boy has a high profile, having worked with artists like Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé. He is best known for the global chart-topping hit “La La La”, featuring Sam Smith, which went to number one in 26 countries in 2013.

One Chance to Dance is the third single from his upcoming studio album. The song features Joe Jonas vocals layered over a catchy dance pop beat. The music video has garnered 956,000 views so far.

Take a look at the music video for One Chane to Dance.

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