Love is in the air: four sacred spots to pray for love in Vietnam

By VnExpress   January 25, 2017 | 11:00 pm PT
If you're searching for your significant other, get connected with the Gods of love.

The religious beliefs of the Vietnamese people have been preserved for thousands of years.

People flock to religious spots such as pagodas and temples to pray for a prosperous and healthy New Year and to pay their respects to Buddha and the Gods who have been looking over them and granting their wishes. People often wish for health, wealth and love.

For those who are looking for romance, here are some suggestions.

Ha Pagoda, Hanoi

When it comes to the most "favorable" place to pray for love, Ha Pagoda tops the list. The pagoda was built in the early 11th century, but people have no idea when it became THE place to go to pray for love. Even if you do not have any passionate longings, the peaceful and ambient atmosphere make a great spot to get away from the chaotic capital city.

The pagoda lies in Dich Vong Commune, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

Chu Dong Tu Temple, Hung Yen

Chu Dong Tu is one of four immortal Vietnamese legends involved in a romantic love story. Tu, a poor and humble student, falls in love with a beautiful and gracious princess, despite strong objections from the King. To pay tribute to their eternal love, Vietnamese people celebrate a festival on February 10 of the lunar calendar every year. Thousands flock to the temple to attend the festival and wish for true love and happiness for their families. 

Chu Dong Tu Temple is located in Hung Yen Province, 25 kilometers (16 miles) from the capital. 

Chu Dong Tu Temple. Photo from Vietnam Tourism Department

Chu Dong Tu Temple. Photo courtesy of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

Chu Dong Tu Festival kicks off on February 10 (lunar year). Photo from Hung Yen Television

The Chu Dong Tu Festival is held on February 10 (lunar calendar). Photo courtesy of Hung Yen Television

My Chau Temple, Hanoi

Situated inside the Co Loa Citadel, 18 kilometers (10 miles) from the center of Hanoi, My Chau Temple was built to worship the king’s only daughter, who was deeply in love with the son of her father’s enemy and died of a broken heart. But no matter what the outcome, their love was never wrong. It is believed that the princess blesses lovers and couples so they do not have to suffer her misery.

The entrance of Co Loa Citadel. Photo by Vu Thi Anh

The entrance to the Co Loa Citadel. Photo by Vu Thi Anh

Ong Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City

Standing humbly in the busy Cho Lon (China Town), Ong Pagoda was built more than 240 years ago and is dedicated to venerated General Quan Cong (Guan Yu). The tourist attraction is famous for its carved wooden and stone statues, Chinese calligraphy and sacredness. Love birds come to wish for long-lasting relationships, while the single yearn for their other half.

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