'Kitchen Gods' satire show touches on Vietnam's toxic spill, nepotism

By VnExpress   January 29, 2017 | 01:40 am PT
We watched the popular annual TV special, aired on Lunar New Year's Eve, and picked some of the most memorable moments for you.

"The Kitchen Gods" show, a very popular holiday special on national network VTV, returned this year with its signature dry humor and criticism. In this picture, the Jade Emperor, played by Quoc Khanh, joked on nepotism and how to get jobs in Vietnam's public sector. "First: being related to a senior officer. Second: money. Third: knowing someone in the system. Fourth and last: your talent."


"I have been working for a long time, but I still know absolutely nothing about my job," said comedian Chi Trung (R), playing a senior official.


Meeting two strangers, comedian Xuan Bac (C) decided to do a safety/nepotism check: "Whose sons are these two?"


The Emperor (L) asked the Environment God, played by Tu Long, whether the central coastal area has recovered from the toxic spill in April. "Err... At least the sea has got its water and salt back already, Your Majesty," the god replied.


"'Leadership is hereditary. My father is a leader, which makes me a rightful leader," one of the characters said.


"It might be a big problem. But say it in a low voice then it will become a small problem. Am I right?" the Emperor mocked one of the gods.

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