A Saigon café milks a 'different' breakfast habit

For 20 years, an unassuming Saigon cafe has been catering to an atypical Vietnamese breakfast tradition: fresh milk.

One Saigon 'banh cuon' stall has been getting it exactly right for 40 years

An unassuming Saigon stall serves up the perfect steamed rice roll but its owner says there is no secret to it.

For 30 years, a Saigon eatery has beefed up beef balls

There is no sign because there's no name, but one stall is famous among locals and foodies for its ...
August 11, 2018 | 11:01 am GMT+7

A bowl of soup that will bowl you over

A street cart in Saigon charges $13 for a bowl of “crab cake” soup, but gourmets are not ...
August 10, 2018 | 03:34 pm GMT+7

An act of wonton kindness in Hanoi's Old Quarter

A Hanoi eatery serves wonton soup, not as ubiquitous as pho, but delicious in its own right.
August 09, 2018 | 02:28 pm GMT+7

How to braise tasty fish and pork without wood-burning stove

The final product has eye-catching caramel color, distinctive fragrance and tender chunks of meat ...
August 06, 2018 | 02:00 pm GMT+7

Madame Thuy's dumplings: A tapioca treat from central Vietnam

Hoang Thi Thuy in Quang Binh Province serves popular "banh loc" filled with shrimp, pork, forest ...
August 04, 2018 | 11:23 am GMT+7

The seeds of a new business sprouts to Saigon

Selling durians for cheap as long as the seeds are retained or returned - Saigon gets into the act.
August 02, 2018 | 03:08 pm GMT+7

Presenting the Saigon Pho trio

For four decades plus, three pho eateries with their own twists to the iconic noodle soup have ...
July 31, 2018 | 10:09 am GMT+7

Making quick and tasty rib stew with macrobiotic pot

Thanks to the special pot, pork ribs stewed with lotus root is well-flavored, has strong fragrance, ...
July 30, 2018 | 04:32 pm GMT+7

10 places to eat the night away in Saigon

Night is when Saigon food lovers go out and search for some serious eats.
July 29, 2018 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Fishy noodle soup stall going strong, 20 years on

For more than 20 years, a bun mam stall in Ho Chi Minh City's District 4 has been selling just this ...
July 25, 2018 | 03:00 pm GMT+7

Superstar pastry chef's 'food porn' has Instagram drooling

When Cedric Grolet takes out his pastry knife, millions of mouths water.
July 25, 2018 | 11:54 am GMT+7

Noodles don't get any fresher than at this Saigon soup stall

Two things make a soup stall in Ho Chi Minh City stand out - the noodles are made from scratch and ...
July 24, 2018 | 02:47 pm GMT+7

Healthy, crispy Vietnamese pancakes and spring rolls in a special pan

Frying dishes in the special Minh Long pan allows them to retain their glow, be well cooked and ...
July 23, 2018 | 02:00 pm GMT+7
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