The Chinese cake that's stood the test of time in Vietnam for Lunar New Year

Chinese people are not forgetting their roots when they join their Vietnamese neighbors to celebrate Tet.

In Da Nang's maze of alleys, a crispy feast of Vietnamese 'pizza'

Rice paper in its finest form, with mango salad and tamarind sauce along the way.

US ambassador makes his first Tet cake, wishes Vietnam a happy new year

'It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.'
February 06, 2018 | 03:04 pm GMT+7

Hanoi village greens up for the indispensable traditional Tet treat

This outlying village just makes the Lunar New Year atmosphere more intense with its green banh ...
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Where to go in Saigon when you're craving a taste of the Far East

From China Town to a Cambodian market and Japanese street, Saigon is a melting pot when it comes to ...
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The 15-hour fish dish that means Tet is arriving in Vietnam

This village prepares thousands of clay pots stuffed with fish to ship across the country and ...
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Take a look at the future of robotic waitressing in Vietnam

Are robots poised to soon replace humans when it comes to table service?  
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10 Hanoi food shops that don’t need a name to be famous

These streetside eateries have survived the tests of time thanks just to word of mouth.
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6 Vietnamese dishes that owe fish sauce a flavor

It’s the classic Robin to Batman of local food; fish sauce has long been the unsung hero.
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From scorpions to skinks: HCMC Food Fest chefs up the weird and wonderful

If in doubt, eat anything that moves.
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Saigon noodle soup with a tasty tentacle twist

Chewy noodles with firm calamari make the perfect partners at this hole-in-the-wall eatery.
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Dip your beak at this Saigon duck noodle restaurant that opens for just an hour a day

Duck meat lovers have been in a flap about this alley eatery for decades.
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Your checklist for things to do on Saigon’s backpacker street

Overwhelmed by the crowds and vibrant atmosphere on Bui Vien Street? Here are recommendations for ...
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How much 'trans-fat' is bad for your health?

Knowing how much trans-fat your body can take is important to keeping a balanced diet.
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The secrets behind instant noodle seasoning sachets

Each seasoning sachet, carefully prepared using the manufacturer's own secret recipe, helps give ...
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