Action/Cut: Vietnam seizes two boats in Ha Long Bay after turf-war fight video goes viral

By Minh Cuong   March 27, 2017 | 08:12 pm PT
It's like a scene from a cheap action flick. While the internet has found it funny, local authorities say such an act must be punished.

Police in northern Vietnam have seized two wooden boats in Ha Long Bay after a video of them chasing  each other went viral last week.

In the video, a man on one of the boats can be seen throwing long sticks at people on the other, smaller boat in an apparent turf-war fight.

Witnessses said there was a lot of shouting and the chase lasted for two minutes until the smaller boat sought shelter behind a cruise ship.

It's believed that the boats, which sold goods in the bay, were fighting over territory and tourists.

Police said the smaller boat has not been registered properly.

The owners of the two vessels are expected to face cash fines, but a specific amount has not been announced.

Ha Long Bay is one of the top attractions in Vietnam, and within it exists a thriving ecosystem of tourist services, including illegal tours and vending activities.

Local authorities have been trying to clean up these activities after there were reports of vendors pursuing cruise ships and disturbing tourists.

Quang Ninh Province received 8.3 million visitors last year, up 7 percent from 2015, according to official data. Of those visitors, there were 3.5 million foreigners and most of them, if not all, probably visited Ha Long Bay, the main draw in the province.

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