Vietnam GM defeats Germany's top player on Swiss chess tour

By Xuan Binh   July 20, 2022 | 04:00 am PT
Vietnam GM defeats Germany's top player on Swiss chess tour
Le Quang Liem (R) plays Vincent Keymer in the Biel Grandmaster on July 19, 2022. Photo by Biel Grandmaster
Le Quang Liem beat Germany's number one Vincent Keymer after a seven-hour match in Biel Grandmaster on Tuesday night.

At the fourth game of the standard chess event, Liem played white and chose the Catalan opening. Mid-game, Keymer gained an advantage with the white pawns vulnerable to attack by the black bishops.

But Liem was able to survive and balance the situation, gradually taking control until the 63rd move when Keymer made an irrevocable mistake.

After 78 moves and seven hours, Keymer surrendered, unable to escape checkmate. This is Keymer's first defeat at the tournament.

This victory helped Liem return to the top of Biel Grandmaster's table with 26 points.

Liem also gained 4.5 standard chess Elo with this win. After four games, he won two, lost two and lost 2.4 Elo. In the fifth game Wednesday, he will play black against the United Arab Emirate’s top player Salem Saleh.

The standard event of Biel Grandmasters takes place from July 14 to 22 in Switzerland.

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