Run for the Mekong Delta: 3,500 people register in 5 days

By Thuy An   April 11, 2021 | 09:11 pm PT
VnExpress's virtual marathon V-Race to raise fund to support the drought-hit Mekong Delta has attracted 3,500 enthusiasts since registration started on April 7.

The number of participants is forecast to increase strongly in the coming days, with registration open until April 28. The virtual race, organized by the Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) and VnExpress, is an opportunity for runners to contribute to help the Mekong Delta people in the fight against drought and salt intrusion.

The race is organized in the form of unlimited accumulation. Each kilometer is equivalent to VND1,000 (4.3 U.S. cents) for the delta support fund coming from EVNSPC. Each runner will help plant a new tree in the southern region, with funding also coming from the power corporation.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhien (38 years old, Long Phu district, Soc Trang) on a rice field dry due to drought in 2020. Photo: Cuu Long

Nguyen Thi Nhien, 38, sits on her parched rice field due to drought in the Mekong Delta's Soc Trang Province in 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Cuu Long.

Nguyen Phuoc Duc, General Director of EVNSPC, said: "The direct support will help people in drought areas quickly overcome difficulties. Planting trees, saving energy plays an important role in preventing climate change, protecting the environment, and creating sustainable benefits."

Twenty runners with best achievements will receive gifts from EVNSPC, along with virtual certificates and medals. The first prize is worth VND3 million ($130.11), part of the total prizes of VND15 million.

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Athletes running at VM Hue. Photo: VnExpress Marahton.

A runner at VnExpress Marathon Hue. Photo by VnExpress Marathon.

The competition is open for free for three weeks, starting from April 7 to April 28. The race has four categories, 10 km, 21 km, 42 km, and 100 km, and each runner has 21 days to complete the distance they have registered to accumulate. With this virtual race, each runner can stride on different paths, at different times, but toward a common goal.

Anyone can take part, whether they are children, seniors, office workers, or athletes. There is no limit on the number of runs as long as contestants complete the distance in a speed of three to 12 minutes per kilometer. Beginners can even combine walking and running.

So far, the V-Race platform has more than 31,000 people participating in different tournaments, with a total distance of over 1.1 million km.

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