Van Hau overcoming communication struggles in Holland: coach

By Vinh San   January 3, 2020 | 10:00 pm PT
Van Hau overcoming communication struggles in Holland: coach
Doan Van Hau (R) practices with Dutch club SC Heerenveen, January 3, 2020. Photo courtesy of SC Heerenveen.
Vietnamese defender Doan Van Hau is overcoming his biggest obstacle, an inability to communicate in English, says Dutch club SC Heereeven’s coach.

"Sometimes [Hau] gets confused during exercises. Then, he tried to explain himself with hand and leg gestures. His teammates have found it hard to understand Hau," coach Johnny Jansen told Dutch newspaper FeanOnline.

But Hau is getting better, the coach said. After being instructed by the coach, he can now communicate key terms in English during practice, like "man on" meaning that there is an opponent around you, or "time" meaning the opposite.

"Hau is very good with the ball. Defensively, he sometimes has a little bit of trouble, but it is mainly about communication."

Hau, 20, joined the club in September on a one-year loan from Hanoi FC.

He debuted for Heerenveen on December 17, marking the first time a Vietnamese footballer played for a Dutch club in an official match.

He is currently at a training camp during the winter break with Heerenveen, and coach Jansen has promised more game time after the break.

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