First professional kart race in Vietnam to be held in May

By Hoang Nguyen   April 6, 2019 | 09:46 pm PT
First professional kart race in Vietnam to be held in May
Close up action of a kart race. Photo by Shutterstock/faboi
Vietnam’s first professional kart race will open to both professionals and amateurs above 18 years old.

The Formula Racing Vietnam (FRV) 2019-2020 schedule was announced Saturday by Phan Hong Son, director of the New City Racing Club (NCRC).

FRV is a competition for both professional racers and non-professionals that have a passion for kart racing. They will compete in two separate categories.

Kart racing is a variant of motorsport road racing with small, open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicles (go-karts). Kart racing is commonly considered the stepping stone to higher ranks of motorsports, with the biggest and most popular competition being Formula One.

Participation fee for the upcoming tournament is expected to be $2,000 per team. All members of the team must be over 18 years old. All competing vehicles must have four-stroke and 10-horsepower engines.

The first round is scheduled to be held from May 4 to 5. The second one will open on September 2, followed by the third at the end of the year. The final round will take place in March 2020.

The FRV competition will be held on different tracks. One of them will be the Dai Nam race track in Binh Duong Province, located 30 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City.

The competition will be divided into two categories, one for professional and the other for corporate racers. Participants will need at least three days of practice and take part in two classification races to qualify for the competition. The race will have a similar format as Formula One with 30 teams.

The first F1 race will be held in Hanoi in April 2020 as a seven-day event, including parades, showcasing of racecars and other events.

Hanoi has already signed a 10-year contract to host the race, and it could be extended further in the eighth year.

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