You may pay the moral consequences with sex services, but it's your choice

May 11, 2022 | 01:39 am PT
You may pay the moral consequences with sex services, but it's your choice
A sex worker waits for customers at night time on a street in downtown Hanoi in a file photo by AFP.
As the oldest profession known to man, prostitution should not be banned but not morally condoned either.

"There is a high demand on both sides. The girls want more money in a country where it's still difficult for young women to afford the things that polite society sees as required, such as the latest iPhone. Outside of a few cultures in the world (mainly Protestant-influenced, which of course still have some level of the phenomenon), many men will always be tempted to play away from home, and pay top dollar for it if they can thereby secure more desirable girls. The brokers are being handsomely rewarded for the service they offer---namely an environment of "relative" trust and accountability in a notoriously dodgy and high-stakes arena. So far, so libertarian. The problem is the moral transgression that will often, and should, lead to regret later in life. Love and sex are not commodities, no matter how much one may pretend otherwise to oneself, and treating them as such will ultimately lead either to depression and lack of fulfilment, or burying one's head in the sand for a lifetime. My verdict: permit it all, let people make their own choices, but do not condone it morally. Teach kids of age 15 that there are plenty out there who do such things to afford their gaudy trinkets before time, perhaps including you in 5 years, that you may pay the moral consequences, but that it's ultimately your choice."

"Sex for money is prostitution. Very clear, right or wrong it is the oldest profession known to man. Unfortunately it is the people being exploited is the main wrong. People profiteering on misfortunes of others. Lawyers are legal yet do the same. Strange."

"Relationships are more so financially driven in developing countries. This is not surprising at all and honestly the rite of passage of a country transforming into a first world nation."

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