Small space, too strong air conditioning: what travelers say about sleeper buses

November 9, 2023 | 07:35 pm PT
Small space, too strong air conditioning: what travelers say about sleeper buses
Curtains provide some privacy for each cabin on a Vietnam's luxury sleeper bus. Photo by VnExpress/Duc Huy
While some readers said Vietnamese sleeper buses are comfortable enough, some disagreed and others worried about their safety.

"I've taken the sleeper buses from HCMC to Hoi An and from Da Nang to Hanoi on Futa Bus Lines. There were scheduled stops every 3 hours or so as I recall. It was a comfortable ride on both long trips. The drivers and attendants were professionals. I even received a call after my trip from Futa asking for feedback. Great service from my experience."

"I'm 186 cm and was miserable for 5 hours from HCMC to Mui Ne 4 years ago. And this was luxury."

"It's been a few years since I was able to visit Vietnam with friends. I really miss Vietnam and its people. Our trip also included a part in the sleeper bus. The bus was totally okay. Only the air conditioning... was so strong even at night that I wished I had my ski equipment..."

"Everybody HAS to go to the toilet and the rest stops are not to everyone liking or bladder control. If you are over 5', sleeper busses are no good. As for SLEEPER BUSSES, aren't the drivers allowed to sleep?"

"I especially enjoy the part where the driver spots another driver from a rival company and they begin a race with each other. In all seriousness though, some of the VIP limousine buses are very well equipped, TV, aircon, toilet, massage chair, good wifi, you just need to do your research and choose a reputable company, I use Khanh Phong HCMC-Nha Trang."

"The amenities on the sleeper buses I have taken have been just fine and quite luxe sometimes. It was the driving that was unnerving, especially as I have yet to have a working seatbelt on a sleeper bus."

"I would have thought staying alive was more important than the amenities!"
Michael Lowry

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