AI is not taking over the IT sector, at least not yet

January 19, 2024 | 03:59 pm PT
Jobs that involve repetition could be taken by artificial intelligence (AI), but people carrying out creative jobs should not be worried about being replaced, VnExpress readers have said.

AI and robots are boosting productivity in many stages of software production by two to three times. Tech giants like Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon have scaled down their workforce as a result.

Many people are worried that IT personnel are losing their jobs to AI. But according to readers, not everyone should be scared of the changes.

"Jobs that are repetitive will be replaced by machines. It has been proven in the industrial revolutions in the past, from the first textile machine to the robot in the automobile production chain. There are many jobs in the IT sector that are repetitive, and sooner or later, they will be replaced by AI. And it will happen in all sectors, from healthcare and education to banking and telecommunications. IT will not be the only job hit, it only felt first impacts because of its international competitiveness. AI participation in the job market is irreversible. But whatever sector you are in, if your job is not repetitive but involves creativity and innovation, you have nothing to worry about."
Ho Do

"The IT market gloom was only a result of the global economic downturn; it will not be like that forever. Programmers are people who deal with problem solving in the digital environment, and their job does not just involve coding but also requires skills in critical thinking and communication. No AI can do the job of clarifying the clients' demands before coding, and no AI can debug or find errors in a code. Thus, job opportunities are always open."
Christian Nguyen

"It will be very long before humans can be replaced by AI. Right now, AI is in the development stage and there’s no lack of jobs for programmers. For example, AI is not good yet in simple jobs such as designing software to check a document’s accuracy, or a system to prevent cheating in university exams. Any software needs regular bug fixes, and so we still need software engineers and cybersecurity experts. In the big picture, the IT sector will continue to grow to answer questions about the usefulness of AI, or deeper philosophical questions like whether a machine has consciousness or not. In short, IT will be an attractive job for at least another 50 years. IT agents and students should just be calm and focus on upskilling themselves."

"The IT industry will not be outdated but can become more selective. Too many young people are studying IT now and not many of them know what they are going to do after graduation. Without strong passion and real talents, one cannot be a good IT agent, and will either get bored or get eliminated from the market."

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