Noise, trash and traffic the biggest nuisances in Vietnam

November 25, 2021 | 06:00 am PT
Noise, trash and traffic the biggest nuisances in Vietnam
Heavy traffic on Cong Hoa Street, HCMC, January 17, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Huu Khoa
What are the biggest nuisances of living in Vietnam? VnExpress International readers share some of the nuances that have been bugging them for a long time.

"Personally, I find the noise to be extremely disruptive. Throughout the day we have a huge number of sellers riding past our house blasting their offerings over loudspeaker. This starts at 6 a.m. and continuous until 6 p.m. and sometimes later.

Construction is allowed all day, every day, and is very loud and disruptive to rest.The pollution and trash filled streets is also really problematic and people just throw their trash on the ground when they're done with it.Seeing dogs on chains and the ongoing cat and dog meat trade is extremely upsetting."
Jerusha Liebenberg

"Roads are way too crowded, pavements full of vehicles, if I want to run I can't just go out of my apartment and run, I have to drive to the nearest park to do my daily physical routine."
Vance ST

"Watching plastic waste disposal is indeed very sad."
सूरज भगत

"Rubbish, litter, and lack of footpaths for pedestrians."
Melanie Cao-Gray

"For me, the biggest nuisances would be "sidewalk driving". Can not count how many times I was honked out to move out of the way for motorbikes while walking on the sidewalk. A nuisance but an adventure all in itself! I know I miss Vietnam, and would gladly put up with it again to return!!"
Clevie D Belyeu Jr.

"Truck horns! They honestly reduce the quality of life living in the city!!! Also the rudeness of people at shops jumping queues !!!!"
Ally Daubhill

"Bikes parked on the pedestrian sidewalks!!!! It forces me to walk on the road where bikes and cars are racing by. I feel unsafe walking around Hanoi and it gets far worse if I am with my kids."
Jasmine JungHyun Ryu

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