Worker missing as boardwalk at bridge construction site collapses

By Huy Phong   September 30, 2022 | 10:27 pm PT
Worker missing as boardwalk at bridge construction site collapses
The spot where a boardwalk collapsed and sent three workers building a bridge into the Tien River in Vinh Long Province, September 30, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Anh Nguyen
A makeshift boardwalk at the construction site of a major Mekong Delta bridge collapsed Friday afternoon, causing three workers to fall into the river and one has not been found.

The boardwalk, around three meters from the water, collapsed from the main pillar of the My Thuan 2 bridge in Vinh Long Province. Two workers were brought out of the water by their colleagues while the third, 29-year-old Tran Thanh Chau, was washed away.

The construction unit suspected that heavy rains and strong winds over the past days have damaged the boardwalk. It has been fixed and checked all over, the unit said.

Construction of My Thuan 2 Bridge started in 2020 and is expected to finish by 2023 to improve traffic connectivity in the Mekong Delta region.

Pillars of My Thuan 2 Bridge under construction, near My Thuan Bridge. Photo by VnExpress/Huy Phong

My Thuan 2 Bridge under construction near My Thuan Bridge along the Tien River. Photo by VnExpress/Huy Phong

The bridge, linking Vinh Long and Tien Giang Provinces, has drawn VND5 trillion ($209.5 million) from the state budget. It spans 6.6 kilometers and is 350 meters upstream from the My Thuan Bridge on the Tien River, one of two main Mekong branches in Vietnam.

There are currently three bridges crossing the 230-km Tien River - Cao Lanh, My Thuan and Rach Mieu - and two others under construction - My Thuan 2 and Rach Mieu 2.

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