Woman aged 92 climbs 2-meter gate in 24 seconds to escape China nursing home

By Minh Nga   July 11, 2024 | 03:00 am PT
A 92-year-old Chinese woman has become famous among netizens after a security camera footage shows her successfully climbing out of a nursing home’s two-meter-high gate in Yantai City of Shandong Province.

On July 4, a video of security footage was posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo and quickly went viral.

It shows that the old lady skillfully scaling the metal gate before swinging herself on top of it and landing on her own two feet safely on the other side. The entire escape took place within 24 seconds.

The director of the nursing home said the woman suffers from severe Alzheimer’s disease. Photo by Weibo

Still images from a video posted on Weibo shows a 92-year-old woman climbing out of a nursing home, July 4, 2024.

Speaking to Chinese newspaper The Paper, the director of the nursing home in Yantai city reported that the woman has Alzheimer’s.

He added that the 1.6-m-tall woman was eventually found unharmed near the nursing home by staff 25 minutes later.

Following her escape, the nursing home quickly sent out personnel and four vehicles to search for her, Chinese news site 8world News reports.

The search lasted 25 minutes before staff located her near the nursing home and brought her back.

The hospital also stated that they would enhance the woman's care and supervision to prevent future incidents.

According to a post on Weibo by Beijing News, the director of the nursing home said that the old woman used to plant orchards in the mountains when she was young, and had a strong ability in climbing.

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