Vietnamese thieves stun-gun dog in shocking video

By VnExpress   April 13, 2017 | 06:56 pm PT
Warning: Some viewers may find this disturbing.

Social media users have expressed anger after watching a video, allegedly captured by a security camera in Vietnam earlier this week, showing two thieves shocking a dog with a stun gun.

The dog, motionless, is quickly carried away by the duo on their motorbike.

VnExpress International cannot immediately verify where this incident happened.

The short video, now spreading on the internet like wildfire, has sparked furor, with many Vietnamese condemning the act and pointing out that many dogs are still being stolen, killed and sold to restaurants by similar bandits.

Around five million dogs are killed in Vietnam every year, making it the world’s second-biggest consumer of dog meat after China, which consumes roughly 20 million.

The consumption has been criticized by many in Vietnam and around the world as most of the dogs are pets stolen and killed in brutal ways.

Vietnam does not have strong regulations to stop the practice. Dog thieves and the people they do business with are rarely punished.

Current laws only treat theft as a criminal offense if the object’s value exceeds VND2 million ($87). Due to rising pressure from both inside and outside the country, legislators are considering a provision that would criminalize pet theft.

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