Vietnamese student invents smart gloves for the visually impaired

By Bui Hong Nhung   August 10, 2016 | 02:51 am PT
Vietnamese student invents smart gloves for the visually impaired
Le Ngo Duy Phong (L) and his glove. Photo from
Hang on, I've got a call coming through on my glove.

Smart gloves designed for the visually impaired have helped Le Ngo Duy Phong, a high school student from the central coastal province of Thua Thien-Hue, win first prize at an innovation contest for teenagers.

At a glance, the gloves look pretty ordinary. However, due to integrated electronic components, they are able to perform as a mobile phone, a remote control for a computer and a navigational device.

Phong said that the left glove can act as a smart phone and includes a sim card that enables users to make or receive calls. The right glove is integrated with an ultrasound sensor, identifying obstacles within a one-meter range and notifying the wearer with sounds and vibrations.

The right glove also acts as a remote controller, allowing its owner to use entertainment functions on computers via electromagnetic waves.

Phong said that the visually impaired face numerous difficulties on a daily basis, and all they have to help them are sticks and glasses. That's why he decided to invent the multifunctional smart gloves.

In the near future, Phong intends to install a light and a speaker so that people will give way for them.

The student hopes that one day he can turn his glove into a watch or a bracelet to make it look cooler.

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