Vietnamese migrant worker arrested for theft in Taiwan

By VnExpress   December 9, 2016 | 10:50 pm PT
Police say he has also left his legal employer and is working illegally at a construction site.

A Vietnamese man was arrested for stealing from a car in Taiwan on Wednesday while another Vietnamese accomplice is still at large.

Police said the 22-year-old man was arrested after running away from a car which was later found to have been burglarized, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. It is unclear what has been taken from the vehicle.

The man, now worker at a construction site, will also be investigated for working illegally in Taiwan.

He arrived in Taiwan in September last year to work at a manufacturing plant as a skilled worker. But he left the official workplace without authorization in February to find a better paying job, police said.

His accomplice is also a runaway worker.

Dozens of Vietnamese have been caught in Taiwan for working illegally this year. They all ran from their legal employers to look for better income.

There are around 164,000 Vietnamese working in Taiwan, nearly 30 percent of the total number of Vietnam’s overseas workers.

It is not rare for Vietnamese workers to run away from their employers to find other jobs. Many need to pay off the expensive fee charged by Vietnamese labor export companies – around $7,000 a person.

Some 1,100 Vietnamese workers in Taiwan broke their contracts every month in 2015, almost twice the monthly average in 2014, according to official data.

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