Vietnamese medical students caught cheating exam with high-tech gadgets

By Cuu Long   July 19, 2016 | 01:08 am PT
They seem to have no qualms about going the extra mile to pass a high-pressure examination.

Three prospective medical students in Vietnam have been caught red-handed cheating an exam using high-tech gadgets.

While students were sitting the exam, the invigilator spotted three male students with suspicious behavior.

The invigilator detected that Ngo Van Canh, Nguyen Hien Viet Dung and Huynh The An, aged 28-31, all had earpieces and mics clipped to their breast pockets.

“The earphones were super tiny. The students even put cotton balls over them to hide them [from the invigilator]. However, it was the cotton balls that caught the invigilator's attention,” said an investigator.

After being exposed, two of them were then sent to hospital to remove the tiny earpieces from their ears.


Three medical students were caught red-handed using mobile gadgets, including earpieces and microphone, to cheat their way through an examination. Photo by VnExpress/Cuu Long

According to the initial investigation, Ngo Van Canh was under pressure to pass the exam so he went online to hire the mobile device for VND600,000 ($30) per day.

Canh said along with the tiny earphone, a small hidden microphone was used to communicate with friends outside the exam hall, who would give him the answer via the hidden earpiece.

Nguyen Hien Viet Dung tried to cheat the exam by hiring the gadget online and paying VND10 million for a problem-solving person named Suong.

Huynh The Anh bought the sophisticated mobile device for VND2 million and received help from a doctor outside the hall.

Police started a full investigation on Monday into medical students using electronic devices to cheat their way through an entrance exam into Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The university held entrance examinations last Thursday and Friday to screen students for a four-year training course for general practitioners.

Some 2,500 people took the exam.

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