Vietnamese man fined for letting 10-year-old nephew drive truck

By Le Hoang   March 20, 2018 | 06:06 pm PT
The man posted a video of the stunt on Facebook, which backfired.

A Vietnamese man has been fined VND8 million ($353) after a video he posted on Facebook of a 10-year-old driving his truck caused public outcry.

The incident took place in Thanh Hoa Province, about 93 miles south of Hanoi, on March 17, according to a police report. The man in the video has been identified as Cao Duy Thien, 34, the boy's uncle.

The video shows the boy steering the blue truck while Thien instructs him what to do.

Bé trai cầm lái xe tải. Ảnh cắt từ video.

A screen grab from an online video shows a boy driving the truck next to his uncle in Thanh Hoa Province on March 17.

Traffic accidents remain the biggest single cause of fatalities in Vietnam despite efforts to make the roads safer. More than 20,000 traffic accidents occurred in 2017, killing on average of one person every hour, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee.

Poor driving and bad attitudes on the roads are often cited as the main causes of road deaths. Two years ago, a video of an 8-year-old boy driving a car while his dad was busy on the phone was recorded and uploaded online by his own mother, raising serious concerns about traffic safety.

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